Friday, January 20, 2012

Surprise Party!

My 22nd birthday is this Saturday and is the third birthday I haven't spent with my family. It doesn't seem like much time, right? Only three years. But when you're family is as close as ours is and you've spent at least one night a month having a family birthday party for someone for 19 years, it's a big shock. My family has tried to make up for that by calling me and texting me and sometimes sending gifts (even if they accidentally sent it to the wrong address... BRIANNE!!). But one thing they haven't done as a group is sing Happy Birthday. There was never any reason for them to all get together on my birthday since I wasn't there, so that was something I was really missing. But this year, my family threw me a surprise party before I left! I thought that we were having a re-do of New Year's Eve since my sister was in Washington at the time, but apparently that turned into a surprise party. I saw the cupcakes they made me and asked about them, and every time someone tried to sneakily frost them I asked where they went. Luckily it was much too soon for my birthday for me to be the least bit suspicious. They called me from the other room into the kitchen and they had a cookie tray with lit cupcakes in the shape of a 22. It felt so awesome, I had no idea, had never had a surprise party before, got to eat my favorite cupcakes (Funfetti all the way) and got to hear my family sing to me. So awesome. I love that they did that for me. 


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