Monday, January 09, 2012


For all of my friends who started school today, I apologize. That sucks pretty hard. I don't start for another two weeks so... yeah... I'm flying a red-eye to Boston on the night of the 17th to go see Anthony Green with Cal and there is currently a pug sitting on my lap snoring with his head on my arm. So there's that.

While all y'all were in class, I was busy hanging out with Brianne and Layla. The cutest part of the day was when someone passed out hot chocolate on a cartoon and I told Brianne I wanted some and she said go get some! So then I told Layla to go get me some and she walked over to her little kitchen toy, looked through a couple cupboards and finally pulled a pan out of the oven to give to me to drink. So I slurped some and she slurped some and her mom slurped some and thus we all had imaginary hot chocolate with her. How sweet was that?

Then on my way home, I noticed the sky was a weird color for no reason (orange when it should have just been black) and after a few minutes I saw the moon rise. But not the ordinary moon. It was the moon that is really close to the horizon so the atmosphere plays a mind trick on us and makes the moon look GIGANTIC. And yellowish gold. Which is my favorite color. And it was awesome.
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