Friday, January 06, 2012

Fired Up Friday

The big awesome thing that was happening o thursday was actually supposed to be me going to an MGK show in Long Beach. I drove down to Glendale to my sister's apartment, got there at about 10, and waited for her to be off work. After all of my friends essentially lamed out on me, she agreed to go with me after work so I didn't have to go alone. When she gets off, she changes and we drive half an hour to Long Beach and stand in line to get in. Only, our line isn't moving and the other line (with wristbands) is. Ten minutes, half an hour, an hour... not a single person from our line was let into the venue the entire night. They were over-capacity and being jerks. Although I did see the mean bouncer selling wristbands out of his pocket for about $60 each. I saw DMX walk in, which is cool I guess, except he was nottt the person I was trying to see. MGK went on about half an hour late and I could hear him from my place outside (meaning I was also singing along, despite being the only one) and saw him on a video screen they had projected onto the window. He played five songs (One More Time, Warning Shot, Welcome to the Rage, Chip off the Block and Wild Boy, in that order) and it lasted about half an hour. Essentially, I drove for three hours and got home att 2:30 AM (to wake up at 7:30) to watch him play on a screen. I still have to say it was worth it. I mean if it weren't for that concrete between us, it would be like we were right next to each other!

Today though was interesting because while I was in the courthouse (not for myself obvs guys) I witnessed a 73-year old lawyer lose it, disobey like five police officers, make a huge scene complete with F-bombs, GDs, shouts of lawsuits, excessive force and the like. Being a witness, a good citizen and concerned for the deputies who were being threatened by a lawyer, I gave a video-recorded statement to the facts I saw. This is just an everyday part of my life, crazy things happening in front of me. You wouldn't believe me if I told you half the things that happen!!
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