Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Hunger Games

I am very upset at everyone who suggested I read The Hunger Games series. Seriously, don't you guys know how obsessed I am with reading series?! How I can't do anything until I finish them?! The past two days I have essentially been useless to anything but those books, incapable of focusing unless I was devouring them. This is good for the author, but terrible for my general productivity. I started book one yesterday morning when I woke up and finished book three tonight at 6. What have I done in-between? Apart from a visit to Brianne and Layla where I read most of the time, picking up Danielle at school (ten minutes) and doing a favor for my mom (half an hour) I have done absolutely nothing aside read. I read while I ate, while I drank, while I fed my dogs.

So my opinion on the series is sort of mixed. I've heard these books described as addictive and of much better quality than the Twilight series but not near the level of Harry Potter. This I entirely agree with. There are parts that draw you in, but there are parts that draw you out, are a little too predictable, are a little too unhappy without real cause. I have examples to back up my opinions but obviously I don't want to spill them here and spoil the series for everyone. So if you are more capable of reading a series without becoming a zombie, I suggest you read them but don't expect some perfect ending that ties everything in so perfectly you couldn't imagine there being a better way to have done it. The first book is definitely the best, but you HAVE to read the entire series in order to get any closure on... anything. Let me know if you read them, what you think. I'm sure you will have nice strong opinions on everything like I do.

Oh and there's a movie coming out soon, which is why this series is all the rage right now. Not sure how I feel about that, there are a lot of things I picture in my head that the movie will probably disintegrate. Like my American way of pronouncing Hermione until the movies came out (Her-mee-own instead of Her-my-oh-nee), although in that case the change was beneficial to my perception of her character. I couldn't take anyone serious name Her-mee-own. 
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