Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Home Sweet Home

If you're from my good-old hometown of Lancaster or the Antelope Valley, for that matter, you know this place is special. There are some awesome people who you got to grow up, I've had some pretty awesome teachers, many of whom I'm still in touch with, and you get the pleasure of saying you're from California (even if it is this parched, too-hot-in-the-summer and too-cold-in-the-winter desert). But this place is special for some not-so-awesome (hello hyphens!) reasons, like the fact that this city is only safer than 17% of other cities in the US and you see that your house happens to be located in one of the lightest shades, where lighter shades=more dangerous. I guess I shouldn't be surprised though, considering my street has been shut down multiple times from police raids and my sister saw a man and a baby being chased down our street by a woman with a Michael Myers knife. So what kinds of things have graced my homecoming for the past two weeks? Well, I've seen a drug deal on a street corner in broad daylight, part of a major road shut down with six cop cars, multiple multiple-police-car arrests, and probable gang members walking around in packs in the middle of the street and spitting and pretending to shoot at the cars passing by. But don't let this crime level deter you from visiting me, because we also have a booming aviation industry, sporting an airforce base, Skunkworks, Lockheed Martin, JPL NASA, and Boeing. Just today as I was driving to take my sister's car in for repairs, I watched a plane taking off at Boeing, that was probably only a mile away from where I was driving. You take the good things where you can get them. So come over! 
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