Monday, December 12, 2011

Sick Monday

Today I am sick, with the flu... in France! I tried to make that fun-sounding but really, is the flu ever fun? It's the last three days of classes though so I went to my first class but didn't make it back for another one because the sickness really hit me. It's really not fun getting sick here because I don't have a car so every outing has to be carefully planned and quick and there's no nice couch and blanket set-up waiting for me like my grandma used to do. Luckily I have good friends here who have been taking care of me so I will hopefully (cross fingers) be better soon.

When it comes to sick comfort foods, I'd have to go back to childhood memories of my grandma making me chicken noodle soup (homemade and Campbell's), eating Saltines, drinking Sprite, tomato soup and mashed potatoes. France apparently doesn't have Saltines though so I had to settle for boxed soup with little half pieces of grilled bread, not nearly the same. I think it's just awesome that food can actually cheer us up or make us feel better and how we have cravings for foods based on instinctual knowledge of what will and won't make us healthy again. My body's telling me it's soup, tea and yogurt for me for the next two days!
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