Thursday, December 01, 2011

Quick Update

I had two tests today, one was just a test in my French class and the other was my final exam for Regionalism in Europe. I studied pretty intensely for the final and I think I wrote a pretty impassioned essay, which usually pays off (unless I get too engrossed in writing and just go completely off topic). It's just so weird to me that I'm already taking finals and wrapping up the semester. How did this pass by so quickly?! These next twenty days are going to chock full of awesomeness in order to finish out the semester strong.

The weather here has been pretty nice, around 50-60 and it was 70 about two days ago. It's started being rainy again though and the forecast is more rain for a few more days at least. Apparently we're really lucky to be getting this weather because normally is colder and rainier, which I don't mind. I really didn't come here prepared for cold weather. I'm really missing my comfy winter coat right about now, but that won't be put to use again until I get back to Mass in January. Also I'm almost 22, what? 

Happy December!!!! Time for Christmas music and decorations and family and friends and all the good feelings. 
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