Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Goodbye, France

Well today was an emotional day, to say the least. It started by finding out that my flight was actually at 7:30 and not 11, cutting off about four hours from my time in France at 10:30 PM the night before. I didn't sleep much in order to get the most out of the last moments and flew to Paris with my best friend in France. We waited around for about three hours until my flight, ate breakfast and spent the last few euros I had.

The flight from Paris to LA was about twelve hours and I had an aisle seat with no one in the seat next to me, awesome luck for sure. I slept for the first hour and not again after that, watched Jane Eyre in French and the first half of Midnight in Paris. When I got to LA I was stopped by customs because I had two French apples that a drug-seeking beagle found on me so I had to get my baggage re-scanned for other produce I was attempting to smuggle in and use to destroy US agriculture. Darn, they caught me.

I got mad car sick on the way to the mall, went out to dinner with my mom and sister and finally got home at around 9 PM PST (6 AM France), meaning I was up for over 24 hours with one hour of sleep and 48 hours with four. Insane what the body can do when it needs to.

I already miss everyone in France, and my host family and my room and the P5 and walking to university and going to Leclerc and cooking those pre-marinated chickens and sausages. Hello, reverse culture shock, you are really hitting me hard. 
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