Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bye bye Lulu

Welp, my sister is flying back to Washington today for a week (then she will, cross fingers, be officially discharged from the navy and come back) and I am taking her down to LA to the FlyAway that will then take her to the airport. It's convenient living near LAX but the traffic down there is so bad that it's a rare occasion where your flight is at a time when it's not a huge pain in the butt to go all the way there. Although one time I flew into LAX from Boston on a Saturday at around 1 PM and there was absolutely no traffic. Or people, really. It was like a ghost airport. This is the first time my mom has ever asked me to drive on a freeway to go somewhere, it's about time she realizes I know how to drive! I made two CDs in preparation for the journey (MGK and a mix) so that I can have a blast and not get paranoid. Oh and I'm taking her truck, so that's even more fun. Watch out LA, I will be raging.
In other news, if you know about any awesome iPad apps that are free or relatively inexpensive, let me know!! I'm on the hunt for awesome things. I've already got Penultimate, Planetary, Flipboard, Pages, Peggle, Groovebug, and Bejeweled Blitz (among others but those are the most awesome that I hadn't already had on my iPhone). Essentially, my life is officially Mac-tastic. 

So did you have a good Christmas? Spend time with family? Friends? Pets? This blog is probably much less interesting now that I'm back in the US but don't worry, I feel that way about pretty much everything I do now. 

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