Monday, October 03, 2011


Saturday, I went on a day trip with the Art History class to Toulouse, France, which was about a two-hour journey from Pau by train. Although I was with awesome people so I didn't mind the train ride, or when we were stopped for like a half an hour on the track for no apparent reason. The Art History teacher drove there and gave us a tour around the city, including taking us to the river, letting us get some lunch (kébabs all the way!) and seeing a couple churches, the city hall and even a few brides.

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Toulouse is "la ville rose" because most of the buildings are built out of red brick that can be found at a nearby quarry. The photo here is a mirror surrounding a column of the Jacobin church we went to that displays the details of the ceiling. Also, it is incredibly trippy and when you walk around it you feel like you're about to fall into an abyss and die on the pointy floor (ceiling).

I also figured out today where I'm going for fall break which is very relieving and very exciting, it's an awesome place. But it is going to remain a secret until everything is all booked, so stay tuned!

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