Thursday, October 20, 2011

Simple and Awesome

Me with a donkey in Gavarnie, France
I love keeping things simple. You know, appreciating the things in life that are basic, the things that you don't normally think about but that contribute to each day being good. Even more than that, I love things that are awesome. So when I can get the two combined, it's like a heyday of happiness. Thus, a list of simple things I've done/said/learned/taught in France so far that have made my days here fun, interesting, and good-feeling.

1. I taught a French guy how to say "I'm bummed."
2. I heard a German guy say "Ja" just like in the movies.
3. There are some really awesome people in my program who I get to spend my days and nights with.
4. Today in class we spent an hour discussing how to pick up women/lines guys have used on us.
5. My family made me crêpes with mushroom filling.
6. I eat French yaourt at least once a day, every day.
7. There are pretty buildings everywhere with cast-iron balcony fence things.
8. I can read a newspaper in French.
9. We sing French songs together in class at least once a week.
10. I love having the ability to Skype with family and friends, especially now that it's as easy as getting on Facebook. 
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