Friday, October 21, 2011

French Food Friday

Mussels! From St.-Jean-de-Luz, France. St-Jean-de-Luz is right on the beach (these mussels were purchased a 30-second walk away from the beach) so the seafood is amazing there. I didn't eat these, but my friends did and they loved it. Hard. They served these in a giant pot for two people to share and then you scoop out your portion into a bowl and proceed to attack. You can use one empty mussel as a sort of chopstick/fork/utensil to scoop another mussel out of its shell. It highly increases eating productivity and greatly reduces the mess that ends up on your hands and everywhere else. Voilà (Which is spelled like that, and déjà vu is spelled like that)!

(Oh a rather sad piece of news... I will be in Madrid for the week starting tomorrow [this isn't the sad part] and I don't know if I will have internet connection to update while I'm gone [this is]. There is a good chance this blog will remain inactive until October 31! And then get extraordinarily busy as I upload all of the back-posts I will be writing in Spain. Sorry!) 
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