Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So I am not actually going to Morocco anymore due to my mother (moooooooM!) who had a little bit of a freak out about the safety of Morocco. And even though my friends are all going to go and come back and be perfectly safe, I decided to respect her wishes and not go. Cuz respecting your parents is definitely in right now. I already had a train ticket to Madrid (from where I would have been flying to Morocco), so I decided to go there instead with Catalina! Who is a ball of fun. 

We will be going to Europe's largest flea market, hitting up many different restaurants and exploring the city without spending too much money on museums and stuff. And we will be shopping like fiends. Cata is from Colombia so she speaks Spanish which makes it THAT much better. And easier. Last time we went to Spain, it was incredibly difficult and disorienting not being able to speak the language at all, because at least French I can understand most of the time. 

So today I went to the train station in-between classes to pick up my tickets and buy my student discount card and the entire transaction was in French. And I understood what I was agreeing to. It's really weird to think about; sometimes when I'm in class I have to remind myself that the professor is not talking my native language. It feels so rewarding and I am so glad I am here because otherwise I would not be near the level I'm at right now. 

Love France. 
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