Monday, October 17, 2011

L'Histoire sans fin

Today in French class we spent an hour telling a story. Intense right? Right. And lots of fun because most people made some crazy stuff happen. There were princes falling in love with shepherdesses, kings preventing marriages, hiring of assassins, chivalry galore, and lots and lots of "est tombé(e) amoreux(se)" (as in, fell in love with..).

L'histoire sans fin is a game where each person tells a few sentences of a story and then chooses someone else to continue it. Simple, no? I was dying to go because I kept having really funny ways to make the story absolutely insane, and I ended up introducing a Korean princess, a love relationship, and a fake assassination crime scene. Super! There's probably about 15 people in our class so each of us had to go, thus taking up exactly an hour. There were lots of laughs; people got seriously creative and one person said that the prince and the farmer decided to switch girlfriends. Love that girl, haha! 
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