Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Le Rhume

I am officially sick for the first time in France! Not that that's something to be excited about in itself, but it does help me to experience France in a new way as in... I went to the "pharmacie." You walk in, you tell the person at the register how you're feeling and what your symptoms are and they turn around and pull stuff off the shelves for you. I got a throat spray, a nasal wash solution thing, and a box of sachets of powder (vitamins/etc) to dissolve in water. And it only cost 15 euros total. Talk about a good deal!

I am very grateful that my mom insisted I bring Nyquil and Dayquil with me here, because businesses here close for lunch break for a couple hours every day and yesterday the "pharmacie" was closed when I went. I was able to still feel good with some Dayquil and sleep allll through the night with that Nyquil, which is a good thing because the baby in my family is sick and apparently he was crying very very loud at 1 AM. Me? Sleeping like a log. Thanks, Nyquil. 
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