Thursday, August 11, 2011

Surgery for Riley

How could you not love this big oaf?!
My big, stupid, lovable Old English bulldog is sucking it up today and getting a tumor removed from his eyelid that's been bleeding for a few months. Why is he just now getting the surgery? Well, it's expensive. But I found a way to convince my mom that she can afford it.

See, my grand plan for coming home early was to get my wisdom teeth out before I went to France, just in case, you know? But after a consultation with the oral surgeon, I came to realize that my wisdom teeth are not meant to be removed right now. Out of four wisdom teeth, only two ever really have the chance of causing me problems. Of those two, one grew into my jaw nerve (or something) which creates a 30-50% chance of having partial temporary or permanent nerve damage on various areas of my face around my mouth. Statistically, out of four wisdom teeth, only one should be removed right now. And I am SO not undergoing that for one lousy tooth.

Conveniently though, my oral surgery is the same price as Riley's tumor removal. Right?!
Note to everyone: don't debate me because I will vanquish you and get my way at the same time.
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