Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Double Braid Side Bun

This is a new hairstyle I decided to do today sort of randomly that's super simple and I even have great photos of it from all angles. It's so simple you can really just do it from the photos.

 Photos and directions after the jump!
Right side of my head, the bottom left is the left side
  • Essentially, you part your hair to the side so that roughly 3/4 of your hair falls onto one side of your head. 
  • Then starting at your bangs, you braid across your forehead and down the side of your head to your neck French braiding (but only add hair on one side the whole time, the side closest to your face!). For me, this was going from the left side of my forehead to the right side of my head. 
  • When you get to your neck braid regularly down the hair and secure with an elastic. 
  • On the other side of your head, do a small Dutch braid (which is just a French braid but instead of braiding over the middle piece, you braid under it). Still only add chunks of hair to one side of the braid. Braid as far around your head as you can, which isn't very far for me, and then pin. 
  • Pull all your hair to the right side of your head and make a bun. Messy buns are all the rage so the sloppier, the better. 
Left side, bottom right is the right side

And voilà! C'est fini. I love braiding my hair now that I can do it nicely. If you can't braid just practice! I taught myself how to French while I would do reading for classes my freshman year to keep my hands busy. Oh and if you can't tell from the photos, the braid with my bangs is much larger than the Dutch braid. 
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