Monday, July 11, 2011

Waterfalls + HPMQTG

These two guys are like my favorite missionaries ever! I mean other than the other awesome ones I know. You know? But yesterday was special because the one on the left got transferred to Connecticut so I haven't seen him in a while. He came back for a baptism in a pond/waterfall pool thing in the woods that was really cool but also bad because the water was freezing (I know, I went in up to my knees to try and test the depth with a stick) and there were no chairs so I was standing up for like two hours. Isn't that a pretty waterfall though? It's all natural but it looks like someone arranged it. There was a bigger waterfall a little bit to the left of this which was cool too! My friend Sara and I were in flip flops so we had a difficult time climbing up slopes and walking on rocks and wading across streams. Note to all: don't ever wear flip flops to the woods, even if you have no intention of doing anything shoe-worthy.

Now the fun part: the final part of the Harry Potter series is coming out on Friday and I am more than excited. In honor of that, I am putting in a random quote from a Harry Potter film every day until Friday and you get to guess what movie it's from and who said it and what the situation was! So this is the time to put your Harry Potter knowledge to the test with the Harry Potter Movie Quote Trivia Game! So the first clue is...

"By which time I shall be gone and you shall be dead."

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