Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Time Travel

It is time for me to go back in time and recount all of the things that I have been doing the last couple weeks, before I do more things and end up with 100 posts that I was going to write that will seem much, much too late. So we are going back to mid-May and Harry Potter World, and the breakfast at the Three Broomsticks. They serve a traditional English breakfast there (among other things) that was much more different than I anticipated. It included a croissant, English bacon (which isn't crispy at all!),
 black pudding, beans, eggs, a seasoned tomato, and mushrooms. Naturally we ate these with butterbeers which taste something like cream soda with some pretty gross foam on top, if you happen to get a big mouthful by itself.

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The Triwizard Dragon Challenge roller coaster made both of us sick and woozy and after we rode the castle ride, we just felt awful. This may have been partly because of the heavy breakfast and butterbeer and partly from not expecting how intense those rides would be. The castle was amazing and the long line only made it better. You walk THROUGH the castle while you're waiting in line so if it's a short line, you miss a whole bunch of stuff. They have different rooms to walk in and you go through one of the greenhouses outside. If you've already ridden but want to spend more times in the room and the castle, you can tell an attendant and skip the line and go through the castle through an alternative direction.

There are also a couple times a day when there are characters dressed up to perform in the frog choir or who are Beauxbatons girls and Durmstrang boys. In this photo, the attendant taking photos dropped the girl's camera. Yikes!

There were lots of shops lining the streets but you couldn't go into all of them. However, there were lots of cool things to look at. Even the butterbeers on the streets looked really cool. You could go inside Dervish & Banges, Honeydukes, Zonko's, and the back of Ollivander's but otherwise the shops weren't actual working shops.

Seriously though, I never wanted to leave. Everyone should go but only if I'm not there so I can have the whole place to myself. :)
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