Thursday, June 02, 2011

Dallas Recap

Now is time for the summary of our trip to Dallas. We left a few days after we got back from Florida and stayed at the same hotel (the people even remembered us!). We got up at 4 the next morning (Wednesday) to get some free breakfast and catch the shuttle to the airport for our 6 AM flight. As you can tell in the photos, Cal was having a rough morning (pay special attention to the knife). 

 Two flights later we got to Dallas and took a shuttle to our hotel. We were on the eighth floor and this is a photo of what it looked like below. The rooms were built around the central point here, including glass elevators. It reminded me of when we were at a hotel in Atlanta for the FIRST Robotics Championships.

We registered the night before the auditions which was awesome because we were planning on having to wake up and leave by five, gross! The auditions themselves were kind of sucky and they made us all stand outside for three hours to film starting at 6 AM and didn't start auditions until almost noon. Also, the line to get water/food was so long it literally took 45 minutes to get two water bottles and a plate of nachos. Literally, as in, I timed it. Dallas girls are hilarious by the way because they went up and told off people whenever they tried to cut. I was totally on their side, you know? You've been waiting for almost an hour for something and someone decides that they are too good to do that and cut! Cutting sucks. No one should ever do it.

Calvin didn't get the golden ticket to be on X Factor but the judging was done by one person in a curtained square. I'm not going to complain much about that though except for the people I saw getting picked sort of all had the same generic voice. Not that they weren't good, but they just had the same type of voice. We were a little disappointed because the show claims to be more than just a singing competition.

So anyway! We spent all of Friday pretty much in our hotel room. Dallas is definitely not a tourist city and most fast food places closed between 5-8. The pool at the hotel was ridiculous and was probably about 15x8 and to me that sounds big (did you know I'm AWFUL at estimating?) but trust me it was tiny. Like cartoon-funny. Like hilariously small funny. Yet there was SO MUCH patio room!  I didn't understand it. We spent some time at said tiny pool and got our tans on but really, how much time can you spend in a pool that small?

On to Saturday where the person who booked the flight for us decided that a 6 PM flight was the right choice even though check-out was at noon. They also thought that having us land at midnight would be hilarious because then we would have to drive an hour home and then spend 37 hours before having to take off on another flight. Bravo, person, you got us!

Thus ends our trip to Dallas, Texas with all sorts of cowboy hats, accents, and anti-liberal propaganda in all the stores (seriously). Yee-haw!
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