Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Peaked Life: Squirrel Love

A baby squirrel crawled up the leg one day of someone in my apartment and I and Calvin have seen him outside with it occasionally over the past two weeks. On Sunday we saw him again and I got up the courage to go up and talk to him and even let it crawl all over me! The squirrel was abandoned somehow and decided this guy was his mommy. Cutest thing ever. Luckily we got to hold this thing because the day after (Monday) we found out the squirrel was getting given away to someone that very day.

About ten minutes after we went back to having a catch, the little thing bounded through high grass to me and crawled up my leg again. Imagine the cutest thing in the world crawling on you and that's what it was like. When he crawled up Cal, he sat on his shoulder and nibbled on his tail for a few minutes. Just, an abundance of adorable.
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