Friday, December 31, 2010

A Puppy and a Purse

My little dachshund Sassy has a marvelous way of getting herself tangled in things. It's one of those talents where you're left scratching your head wondering just how on earth she's managed to get into that situation. It is no surprise when, in the morning, letting her out of her cage, she gets out with her body trapped in multiple holes in a blanket (the holes she somehow made). You're left detangling her and slipping her out of the holes without choking her.

Anyway, my mom got me this purse ^ for Christmas that was on the floor in my room and Sassy and Riley were in here playing, like normal. I heard Sassy playing around with a bottle (which is a whole other story) and I looked back to see her caught in the handles of my purse! Through some type of wrangling and maneuvering, she got the handles of my purse stuck around her body and she sat, staring at me until I pulled her out. Naturally I had to get a few photos first though.
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