Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Wedding Date

Every day, it seems like I find out that more and more people I know are getting married and more and more people have to attend a wedding. So here's the question that I keep wondering about:

What is the rule for bringing a date to a wedding?

Should it just be a friend who you can have fun with, or a significant other, and if so, how long should you be dating before you bring them to a wedding? There's nothing more awkward than burning the memories of a bad relationship into the wedding day of a loved one, where that person will forever be present. I'm talking about years down the line when you're looking back at so and so's photos with them and here pops up this person you would rather not remember.. That kind of bad relationship.

Pro's and con's of going stag? Having someone join you? For those of you who are married, what's your perspective on the situation?
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