Friday, June 04, 2010

Time for a Change

In my (apparently) never-ending quest to finish college, I have once again transferred! Bring out the bullhorns and the confetti because it's time to celebrate my attending a third college in three years of attending college! This time, it is to a less expensive public university in Massachusetts where I can go to a good college but at a decent price with a much cheaper cost of living and better air quality.

But really folks, this should be a cause for excitement because I am using school to see the country (isn't that the point of study abroad and campus exchange programs?), getting to know and be able to navigate through all sorts of terrain, and having to always stay on the tips of my toes as I relearn an entirely new school system, public transit system, and all the best places to eat.

On that note, I will be in California for a while during the summer for my sister's wedding and various other wedding showers/baby showers/babysitting.

I also just heard this really awesome quote that everyone everywhere should know:
"If you give yourself a minute to think, you give yourself a chance to make a better decision."
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