Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Preemptive Cancelling

Snow from the beginning of January, the day after I came back to Boston

Michael-face from the Office, I forget which episode EDIT: Branch Closing, Season 3, thanks boyfriend. <3

Night photography in the Fens

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Everyone is completely freaking out about this big winter storm that's supposed to hit. The only reason it's such a problem is because it's supposed to hit Boston around rush hour, making it really really dangerous for people to commute home from work. Some schools cancelled classes this morning, most public schools cancelled classes last night. But all day it's snowed a minute amount, and then rained snow (if you can get that mental picture) for a while. It JUST now started snowing, kind of. But looking out my window it looks like 10% snow and 90% rain. Anyway, BU cancelled classes while I was at work so I got this great surprise at the end of my shift.

This is really good for me (on more than one level) because I have an organic chem midterm tomorrow and I reaaaaally need to study. So my entire afternoon and night just cleared up completely.

Lent starts next week and I'm really.... excited (?). It's going to be a great time. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!
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