Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Brief Update to Contain all Updates.

Hi everybody. I am a terrible updater when I get busy. So here's a brief description of the major events in my life since my last update. I finished my last semester at Berkeley with A-'s in three classes and one B. Considering I took two upper divs I feel pretty content with my grades.

I am working at Robek's again for the summer, on J and 20th West if anyone happens to want a smoothie and won't mind risking running into me. ;o)

I went to Arizona for nine days on a vocational calling retreat camp thing (we didn't really know what to call it). At first it seemed like a really awesome thing, but after a couple days, I realized that it wasn't what it was advertised as. Whereas its description said it was for students who were planning on going to seminary and it was designed to help one become more informed on what seminary and ordained ministry is, the actual program ended up not dealing with ordained ministry at all and only talking about the things one can do other than go to seminary. Plus, I got sick with some illness that left me with a 102 fever in bed for four days, among other bad incidents. All I can say is that it was WONDERFUL to go home, especially because Calvin was coming to Cali the next day. We each got a $1000 check for attending so that was pretty awesome and I met some great people. But all in all, not a pleasant experience.

So then Calvin came to California and we went to Vegas the first weekend he was here, and my grandpa died while we were there. So the week after my mom rented a hummer limo for all of us to take down to my grandpa's favorite hang out spot when he was younger and throw his ashes. But on a happier note, Cal decided to stay in California for three more weeks.

He left today and it's really weird not having him here again. But that's the longest time we've ever spent together back-to-back and the longest we ever will (since we spent practically every hour of every day together).

That brings me to today. I am going to Boston University in the fall, orientation at the end of July followed by a few days at a beach in Rhode Island with Calvin's family. I'm trying to get my own studio, it being roughly the same price as sharing a bedroom in an apartment through dorms. And I do not relish the idea of going through the process of another roommate.

Hope everything is going great for you guys!
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