Friday, February 13, 2009

I thank all the Presidents for their Day

Because now, on Monday, I have no class! This is good news because I am awfully behind in reading, especially for Chaucer because it is such a drag having to decipher Middle English. But enough of that, I should explain what on earth this is!

This, my dear teachers, admin, friends, and family, is the location of the new Blogs from Berkeley site. I realized that I would update you all so much more if I wrote more often and the big daunting task of writing a long, involved email is replaced. Instead, I encourage you to add this to your RSS feed if that's your thing. I will also be sending out emails each time I write a post so those of you others know to check it. And, if you really really want me to, you can request to get a copy of the blog emailed to you. I am also doing this for Mr. Anderson so he can get more pictures for his college emails. I know all of you teachers are not getting enough pictures of Jill as it is.

Now on to updates... I am feeling very crafty today, partly because I have not been crafty in a while and partly because I am avoiding doing anything remotely involved with homework! I cannot tell you all about what I have been up to because it is a surprise for a certain someone, but I will tell all once the surprise has been played out. What I can tell you is that I am knitting myself another cowl out of this gorgeous green that is both bright and earthy at the same time!

I have also fallen IN LOVE with social swing dancing. I went last Friday in the rain with my friend and had such a fun time. They have Lindy on Sproul every Saturday and I am planning on going tomorrow. Honestly, as soon as I started dancing I could not help thinking about that great movie Swing Kids that won all of our hearts (thanks to Mr. Laird!).

I am loving all of my classes and I am learning a lot of French! So if any of you took French we can chit chat about what we do on the weekends and for leisure activities and such. Oú est-ce que fait du bricolage dans le week-end?

For those of you who do not know, I am applying to transfer to an east coast school for next semester and onward. I appreciate my opportunities here at Berkeley, but it is just not for me. Cross your fingers that I get accepted and get offered a decent financial aid package because otherwise these posts will be getting more and more whiny! I am applying to Yale, Boston College, Boston University, and Tufts University. If you cannot tell, I really really love Boston! Speaking of Boston.. Calvin is coming the February 27th-March 4th and we ARE going to Lancaster! In fact, when he lands in San Francisco we are getting on a plane an hour later to go to Los Angeles. I hope we don't miss our flight!! We are coming back to Berkeley on Sunday night so I can get to my classes on Monday. I will take loads of pictures of Calvin and I doing crazy things around Berkeley and him meeting my family and the few friends that we have time to see in Lancaster. :o)

Now I must either read or knit.. I wonder which one I shall chooooose.. Until next time!!

P.S.- I will be home for spring break between March 21-March 29. I do not know when spring break is for Lancaster but if it is not at that time, I will definitely be coming by the school! A few of you have asked if I can come by and talk to your students about college and whatnot and I would be glad to! Just email me with whatever day and time is best for you and what class it is and I will put it on my calendar! Au revoir!
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