Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just Another Manic...


Wednesdays are pretty crazy for me. I have multiple scheduled meetings that occur every week and then somehow a ton of one-time meetings always get scheduled too. There are some Wednesdays where I don't get to my desk between 9-3 PM. Lately I've had to leave around 4:30 to walk the dogs and feed them and then I'll have to log back in to finish the bare minimum of what had to get done.

It's a crazy day and somehow I always forget just how crazy Wednesdays can be. I'm just glad I can log in from home so that I can take care of business there and not have to stay at work extra late and then drive home and try and do everything.

My job's a little crazy now too but I'm having fun with it and starting to get past the big changes and on to developing a routine. Although usually when things feel Ike they're settling down something unexpected happens to liven things up. Luckily I'm the type of person who likes that and likes juggling multiple projects and roles at once so it's just exciting for me. Plus I think I've learned to put everything into perspective and not get stressed out when projects or priorities change.

Speaking of livening things up, I'm teaching my first TNU class (our in-house university) starting at the end of the month so that'll be a fun new challenge. Beginner Excel, anyone?

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