Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lunch party

 Would it really be better if it said Lanch Party?

Today was a pretty long day. Woke up at 5, work at 7, and all-day meeting that went until 5:30. (=tired face in the picture)

The meeting wasn't bad at all, just long. It was really nice to have a 45 minute break to celebrate... Drum roll... The launch of our Portuguese-language site! There was a really well-done celebration with a ribbon, giant scissors and fake champagne. I was the Portuguese product manager's mentor so I was recognized as part of the SI team and was given this awesome SI jersey with my name on the back and a soccer ball! It was really sweet and surprising of them to include me in that and give us sweet swag.

We ate ice cream and cake to accompany the fake champagne and I even have a huge sign with my name on it that was part of the decor. It was a very cool moment to break up the day and celebrate a great success with the people on my team! 
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