Monday, July 29, 2013


This weekend I achieved a goal I've had for a few months: I bought a Nutribullet. This is like the Magic Bullet except it's got a stronger motor designed to pulverize anything in its path, creating juice from fruit and vegetables. I got the proper produce to make some spectacularly healthy, easy to digest and raw drinks, so I was pretty pumped. 

Yesterday I made two juices from different ingredients I just threw together. Let me tell you, starting off with beef greens is not the way to go. 

They weren't bad, but they were very vegetable-y. Not good for beginners. I was used to delicious-tasting Naked Green Machines. So I drank one yesterday and I brought a big one to work with me today. Good but definitely room for improvement. I can focus on vegetables later and just get used to drinking produce first. 

That's going to be a new routine. I'll make a juice in the evening, refrigerate it overnight and take it to work with me the next day. 

Tomorrow's juice: spinach, apple, pineapple, banana, strawberry and almonds. 

(Pictures to follow. I get too excited when I'm making them to remember to stop and get my phone.) 
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