Monday, July 15, 2013


Last Sunday I went kayaking with Sean down this river that's right around the corner. Surprisingly enough, it was my idea (more on that later). We went towards midday and can I say how surprised I was by how long it took to get in the water and then back in the car at the end?

Untying the kayak from the roof, changing, putting on a skirt (Sean), and finally getting in... It's a process. My kayak was under a deck so it was filled in spiders and Sean had to flip it over in the river, fill it up, and dump it all out, thereby removing all/most of the insects.

The best part was when I was in my kayak on the bank and Sean got in his, scooted off and yelled from the middle of the river "Come on!"

...Come on...

To someone who had never kayaked on a river before!!!

In the end, I was supposed to scoot the whole kayak into the water, but some nice people on the bank pushed me because I was having trouble.

Apart from that little snaffoo, it was really fun. I got the hang of going straight pretty quickly and I only need like a 20 foot radius to make a half turn. So I was pretty much an expert by the end of it, naturally.  We went down aways and then turned around and went down the opposite way. Sean started to get a migraine and he was hungry so we got out and about an hour later were ready to go.

Next up, rapids!  
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