Thursday, July 25, 2013

Home alone

I've had the house to myself all week. ALL WEEK. That hasn't happened for longer than an hour since May. Okay so I haven't been totally alone, it's been me and the puppies.

But it's really given me an insight to what it's gonna be like when I get my own place again. There won't really be anyone to take them out if I needed to do something after work or no one to feed them if I stayed the night somewhere. It's a lot of responsibility that I'm not used to! Even at home there's pretty much always been someone there who could let the dogs outs or give them food. Plus a relative always lived like 5 minutes away if anything came up suddenly.

Now though my friends are spread far apart so I'll always have to think about the puppies before doing something after work or planning a long weekend trip. (It would be easier if Benny didn't throw up in the car!!) I guess that's where kenneling comes in but that's a foreign concept to me. Not only have I never used one but I don't even think there IS one where I grew up.

What I'm really trying to say is.... Either Brianne or my mom need to move out here so we can get a nice fenced in house together. (Hint hint)

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