Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hiking at the Notch

On Saturday I went hiking with my new hiking backpack and barefoot trail/running shoes (not the ones with the individual toes) at the Notch. We just did a quick trail because it was the puppies' first time hiking, there were tons of bugs which made it impossible to stop, and it was my first time going in a very long time. We were out for a little more than an hour and had a blast. We had perfect timing because right as we were walking to the car it started to rain pretty hard.

On the trail, it was a plethora of orange. Lots of orange mushrooms and even an orange salamander who stopped and posed long enough to take a few pictures. In the last picture of the mushroom, that thing is HUGE. It's about six hands big at the base of a tree.

We saw a lot of great things, had some fun and enjoyed a nice Saturday morning.

P.S.- Earlier tonight I saw a spider on the ceiling and left it (killing it would result in it falling on my head still alive when I missed, right?). I just felt something tickle my knee and when I looked down, guess who it was? This little guy was suicidal I guess so I flicked him off and hit him with the remote. He was a quick jumpy guy so I had no choice. He was asking for it.

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