Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Much like my report cards during my formative years, my blood is A+ (haaaa!). As most of you know, I'm an avid supporter of giving blood. It's only slightly uncomfortable, most people have few to no side effects, and you're saving the lives of three people, like my grandma or my mom.

Unfortunately lately I haven't been donating as much as I should be. I mean, I'm eligible every 3 months! And so are you! Plus you usually get something cool from it. I've gotten tshirts, gift cards, free meals, free ice cream and a water bottle (that I still use). I've been meaning to go find a drive somewhere close to where I live, but then my work announced that they were hosting one.

The day turned out t be less than ideal for me as I had two really important meetings that took place right smack dab during the blood drive. In fact, the way they were timed made it so that I wouldn't technically have been able to at all. It takes about an hour to sign in, get the history done and get hooked up and released usually, which left no time at all.

Luckily though, some nice people let me cut in front of them since my hours end early and I zoomed through the process.. Once I was in the blood mobile. And I mean zoomed! I filled the bag faster than I ever have before - 10:50!

So while I was basking in my fast-flowing veins and ever so proud of myself, I find out today that my manager did it in 7:05. Which is unheard of among my select friends who still time their blood donations. Moral of the story : you reach a long held goal only to have a new one set for you within 12 hours... Which involves shedding 3 more minutes... Also go give blood!

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