Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sans water

Last Friday when I was working from home, I got a frantic knock on the door and a request to move my car to another parking lot because a water main in front of my building broke. No big deal,right? They'll fix it quick.

Then we get a note on the door saying that they're hoping to get the water on on Tuesday. Then on Tuesday that they don't know when it will be back on, but hopefully Thursday. Then today a note saying that hopefully by Friday 4:30 pm.

That makes more than a week of no water in three different buildings. No showers, no faucets, no toilets. Every time you have to pee, you have to ask for a key to an empty apartment or go to a store. Dishes? Piling up. Showers? Request a key and take all of your shower stuff to another building to use another apartment or stay with friends.

People, don't take running water for granted. It sucks without it.

And cross your fingers that tomorrow we are pleasantly surprised with water at 9 AM.

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