Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ode to the CSR

Today I had to answer the phones in the morning. And for some reason, it was a crazy busy day for customer service issues and phone calls. I was literally picking up the phone almost constantly from 8-12.

And for the first time, I was yelled at. Well, screamed at to be more specific. So I understand that people get upset, they get angry when things don't go their way or when they made a mistake that can't be fixed. I get it. But screaming at someone who is trying to help you is just not useful!

While I later did as much as I could to help this person out, despite being cursed at in québécois, I would have done just as much if she had been nice. And I would have also felt bad when I couldn't do what she wanted. Instead, I know she lied to me about what happened and I think karma agreed that she didn't deserve for it to work out.

So if you're calling a customer service line, please be nice!! And know that the person answering the phone probably doesn't have the authority to do what you want themselves and need to talk to other people to figure things out. And that takes time and they probably genuinely want to help you.


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