Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Current Events

As a former political science major, I find that I feel a need to stay up to date on the news and stay informed. Unfortunately, I very frequently do not live up to my own standards. I rely on Facebook feeds and twitter to tell me the important news too often. Granted, I don't count reading US news as part of the requirement because it is so biased its barely even true (you have to read about US news from international news sources).

When I was in France I started off each day by reading the news for 15 minutes. Maybe it was that I was in a foreign country myself or that I was in a place that was surrounded by other countries within less than a day's drive, where knowing what was happening around you mattered. Or maybe my French classes emphasized current events. I don't know, but when I was there reading the news was an easy, important part of my day.

So this is something I think I need to work on, because the first thing I do in the morning is spend too much time reading meaningless posts and looking at memes on Facebook. This morning I didn't look at my phone when I woe up and I was ready to go 20 minutes sooner than I am other days. Now I'm making a goal to engage less in meaningless social media (passive rather than interacting positively with people I care about) and more time reading important things, like books and current events.

And that's this week's epiphany.

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