Monday, February 11, 2013

Vermont Skiing

This weekend after the storm I went to my friend's dad's house in Vermont to go skiing for the first time! I borrowed all of my gear so I didn't have to rent anything, but I used blades instead of skis without poles. I didn't have to worry about crossing any skis, but I did have a hard time stopping them!

We went on the training hill for the first half of the day and then went all the way to the top of Okemo and went down on the winding trail. It was a lot of fun but pretty scary at times!

I fell once, forward, because I got caught in a mound of snow so that was a pretty hilarious looking fall I think. Then on two other occasions, I lost the ability to stop and was on a pretty steep hill so I sort of just...took off. It was pretty terrifying, let me tell you. I didn't fall though! I just freaked out the whole way down until it got flat enough to stop or I was caught by Sean.

So I think in the future when I go again, I'll spend the whole day practicing stopping until I can stop at a moment's notice before I go up to the top again!

It was definitely an experience. Today my calves are so sore from leaning forward for the entire day in the boots and my back is a little tight but other than that I made it out unscathed!

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