Monday, February 04, 2013

Le Québécois

Today, I took a large amount of customer service calls, especially considering my boss was there today! I'm the customer service fallback, the back-up, the "if she isn't there" person. Usually, she is there. But these customers have a sixth sense for knowing when she leaves to go to a meeting because not one minute after she's gone the phone starts ringing.

Especially the Canadians. They holler at me the most when she isn't there, which is the worst because they speak québécois French and not the European French I am so used to. While they can understand the things I say, their accent and their vocabulary just throw me completely sometimes. Particularly with numbers!!

I need a serious immersion experience. ie a québécois BFF to talk to me on a daily basis until I can understand them! In the meantime, I suppose Canadian radio will have to do.

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