Wednesday, February 06, 2013

La fête des neiges

In Montreal, it just so happened to be the weekend of the snow festival we were there, so naturally we had to go celebrate my favorite season. We got directions from the concierge which were relatively unclear and included roads that were just off of the map we had, so after a few twists and turns and "Shouldn't the river be on the other side?"s we found our way to the island (literally) that hosted the festival.

Other than the fact that it was 7 degrees outside and my body slowly turned into a giant, immobile ice block, it was awesome! There was dog sledding, people dressed up in ridiculous bird costumes telling stories to children, giant tepees, slides, an ice village, life-sized fooseball and carriage rides!

A lot of it was for kids so it there was a lot of stuff we couldn't do. Or, like the ice village, there was an entry fee to look at. They carved a village out of ice! And if I wasn't shivering like a chihuahua dropped in the Antarctic, I would have sucked it up and paid the price because it sounded pretty cool.

Overall it was a really fun time! We weren't dressed warmly enough because everyone else there was in snow pants. We watched some high school Canadians perform a series of dances to popular music with a giant turkey dj-ing and I got to eat maple syrup taffy, but more on that later.

Now hopefully there will be snow this weekend and I'll be able to celebrate my own fête des neiges with a sled and a pair of skis!

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