Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quality Control

Our website has launched and had sales! We didn't expect any so it's very exciting. We have been working very hard trying to find the problems and fix everything! I actually took a service call today before my boss came in. Answering the phone terrifies me in English, so you can just imagine what it's like in French. Luckily the lady had emailed earlier so I already knew what she wanted and I only stuttered a very little bit.

I remember when I was in Pau I was so nervous to speak French at first but after a week it didn't bother me at all. I'm hoping this happens again pretty quickly, once I get more comfortable speaking frequently.

So, yeah! It's been a good week. I'm really lucky to be working in a place where my French is valuable, this making pretty much anything I do enjoyable. Oh and on Tuesday, I'll be flying home!! To grandma and Layla and Brianne and dogs and puppies and my mom and everyone else!

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