Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Today as this is posted, I will be flying to California for two weeks for the holidays to see my family! I am so very excited. I even get to work from home in the mornings so I'll still be able to take care of what I need to do. The weird part about that is I have now gotten used to working on two monitors and typing with a French keyboard, so the transition might not be very fun!!

When I get home, I have 9 dogs waiting for me, 7 of which I plan on letting sleep in my room (not dumb Chief ever).

I have a Layla waiting for me and a little boy still living in his momma's tummy, and their momma.

I have a mom and grandma, who I know is already preparing for my arrival by purchasing tons of bacon and Dr. Pepper in cans.

And I have two little cousins, who somehow equate me being home to THE BEST TIME EVER, even though I'm one of the only people to not let them do whatever they want.

And there is going to be lots of fudge. Mmmm fudge. 
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