Monday, November 12, 2012

Glacial Potholes

Cal had a meeting with someone about an hour away and on our way back, we stopped in this little village called Shelburne Falls. There was a coffee shop there he wanted to talk to about performing. It was a cute little town with little shops and an interesting used bookstore.

We came across this sign, however, that attracted our attention immediately. We walked the 400 ft and saw glacial potholes, caused by the dripping from glaciers as they moved across the valley. All of Pioneer Valley was created by massive glaciers, so it's no wonder that they've left behind some evidence of their presence (other than the valley itself).

We were interested and amazed, it was beautiful! The colors were great and the sun was hitting the water at just the right angle. It seemed like they dammed up the river to preserve these natural shapes.


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