Wednesday, November 07, 2012

First Snow

Sitting at the front desk today, I was surprised to look up and see a sheet of white falling from sky. Uncertainly asking, "is that snow?" In unbelief. Soon the grass and cars were firsthand witnesses and the facilities department were putting out salt and shovels by every exit. Alas, the beginning of winter and the to-the-bone chill you forget about in the humid summers.

This means eggnog and classic Christmas movies, missed out on last year while abroad, and decorations everywhere. The scent of pine trees and baking pies mixing in a glorious Christmas melody, accented by the low drumbeat of stomach grumbles.

If you can't tell, I love winter. It's the chance to bundle up in cozy clothes and enjoy a low electric bill—since your apartment pays for heat—and the chance to use the tie-a-scarf app to add delicate knots to your everyday wardrobe. My hat's off to you winter and the magic wonderland-like atmosphere you manage to make every year. The ten extra minutes I have to spend scraping ice off the windshield and snow off the car roof seem well worth it.

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