Monday, October 15, 2012

First Day at Work

Well guys, my first day of having a big girl job went well, even though it wasn't without its quirks. It started off with waking up to my alarm with a huge groan and a "Noooooooooooo!" And progressed to the commute, another "Noooooo" and then starting work. Well, starting orientation and many, many powerpoints.

We were doing orientation and call center training all day. There was a lot to learn and absorb and the place was like a maze, but it seemed like everyone really enjoyed their job. Lots of people said hi even though they had no idea who I was and when I was on my second break and my plastic cup broke, spilling root beer all over the place, I was reassured by people that it was fine. (They also knew it was my first day, so....)

It's pretty much a tradition for me to make a fool of myself the first day of work, so it was nice to get it out of the way early and in such a way that I can blame it on faulty cups rather than on sheer clumsiness/nervousness.

When I left, I was surprised by how fast the day went. In the car, my knee and ankle joints were hurting, probably because I was sitting in the same position all day. My achy arthritic joints are probably going to be the worst part, because my knees are in the same position during the drive there and back, but nothing a little medication can't handle.

So all in all it was better than I expected. I don't start performing my actual job duties until next week so we'll see what that's like.

Oh, and officially I am employed in Executive Support, so a mix of reception, assistant and do-whatever-needs done. This week for at least the first three days, I'll be cross-trained in the call center. 
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