Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Marsh at the Shore


When I packed to go to the beach, I decided I wanted to bring my film camera and some rolls of film so that I could do some multiple exposures and things like that. This is from the first roll I did and got developed, a triple exposure. Something that we miss out on now with our digital cameras that we use to capture every single moment six times is the excitement and curiosity that comes from using film. You only get so many photos per roll, which means you have to be somewhat selective about what your subject and set-up is, and you have to wait and build up anticipation until it's developed. After you take what you think is an amazing shot, you have to think about it and wonder and wait to see what it turned out like. Did you get the settings right? Did you snap the photo at the right moment? 

I think it's a good practice to step away from the constant stream of technology that can easily water down important moments to experience a little wonder and slow down.   

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