Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New England Photos

These are all photos from the Hipstamatic D-Series app on the iPhone. It's a great app because it resembles a real-life film camera, in the sense that you can't see what you're photos look like until all 24 photos have been taken. There are three cameras to choose from and each has different filters that you can control the intensity of (but won't be able to see how that affects each photo). The best part is that you can start a "camera" with another person, or a couple of people and you all take photos on the same camera roll and after 24, everyone gets to see the combined photos. I did it with my cousin in California and it was great to see the photos she took, especially since they were mostly of her daughter. :) 

These specific photos ^^^^ are of a waterfall and pond in Amherst and the Saturday Farmer's Market. 

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