Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Right, well. As you can tell, I have essentially been non-existent for the past two or so weeks, moreso than any time in the past two years. But I have a couple of excuses for that, which I hope you'll forgive me for.
First off, these are the last few weeks of my undergraduate career and I had an abundance of papers and tests and readings to take care of.
Secondly, I didn't really have anything to write about. I got discouraged by an anonymous and probably spam comment that (although I knew it was meaningless) did suck the inspiration out of me.
And lastly, the weather has been really nice. REALLY nice. So I have been outside, in the sun.

At the risk of putting off making more flashcards (ohhh... nooo...), here is a photo that will show you my sincere apology.. or more like a funny face to win you over with charm.

Since this blog has been about being in college AND in two weeks and three days I will be officially cap&gown&walkedacrossthestage graduated, I have to do some soul-searching. Some blog-soul-searching. Some bloul-searching? To decide what direction this is going to take afterwards. So some feedback would be useful if you have an opinion!

So thanks for being great and for reading this and caring what I have to say.
You rock
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