Thursday, February 23, 2012


Usually, the season of Lent is marked by a time of repentance, of attempting humility, prayer, and reflection on your life and your decisions. For non-religious people, Lent can work for you to too. You see, to me, this period represents a type of "New Year's." Towards the end of the year, people tend to look back on the previous year, think about mistakes, good decisions, plan for a better future, you all know the drill. But that usually lasts a few days, followed by a list of resolutions that, while good, are generally vague goals that get put on the back-burner as soon as all of that holiday spirit wears off and we all go back to our daily grind (school, work, leaving home, etc). But Lent is a time when you think about your life and choose to change a particular aspect about it for forty days. This is a commitment to either give something up, start a new habit, learn something new, etc. Either subtracting or adding to your life in order to make yourself focus on what's important.

For me, I am trying to get back into shape. Not that I am terribly out-of-it to begin with, but I cannot do cardio like I used to while I was playing soccer and that's not good! When I go to the gym I usually push myself too hard and end up with a wicked fast heart-rate that's well above what it should ever be. So to get a steady routine going and slowly build up my stamina again (without a heart about to jump out of my chest), I am taking Living in Yellow's advice and setting a goal for the entire period, leaving the spacing of it up to me.

In the next forty days, I am going to run 50 miles and do 2000 sit-ups. The sit-ups aren't a problem really because I've been doing them a lot recently, but the big 50 is going to be difficult. I am really going to have to set some time aside to do this and I am relying on all of YOU to keep me committed (that means you, Brianne!).

Living in Yellow has this great post about easy tips to stay healthy that really inspired me, so I'm now sharing that with all of you. Good luck with your own Lenten sacrifices/additions and if you haven't made any yet, you still have time! We're only one day in, after all. 
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