Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Jury Duty

 Well, today I found out I have jury duty in Mass. In California, people rarely get called to jury duty, maybe a total of three times in their whole life (right? Or am I just making this up because I never paid attention before?). But in this small old state, apparently they are desperately in need of jurors and state law states that if you live in Massachusetts, even just as a student, you are required to do jury duty if you're called. Me, my date is in April and luckily it's just in Northampton (15 minutes away). When Cal got called for jury duty, it was in Boston and I think it was after we already moved to Amherst. Why didn't he try to get the courthouse changed? I don't know, maybe he did and lost. The point is, I have to convince him to wake up at 7 AM, pick me up and take me to the courthouse by 8 and then be on-call to pick me back up whenever I'm done. What bribes do you think it'll take to get that to happen? I'm thinking some chocolate and dinner at Bueno Y Sano, one of his favorite burrito places. Although if it lasts more than just one day I'll need to come up with some other stuff. Ideas?!

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